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  Privacy and legal note

Informativa sulla privacy
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Our main aim is to protect your personal information. This document, called ‘Privacy Policy’ contains management information about BronzeItalia customers’ information.
This policy could be modified or uploaded to follow the offered services by BronzeItalia.

In conformity with the law 675/96

1. collection and use of the personal data

Personal data undergoing processing shall be collected and recorded for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and used in further processing operations in a way that is not inconsistent with said purposes; BronzeItalia provides the personal data to the companies that provide services, and these companies haven’t the right to spread the personal data except for the same service.

2. security of the personal data

This website has many standard technology systems that protect personal data, we are not responsible for  the bad use of them, and the modification of the data that are under our control. It’ s important to remember during the data transmission through the NET, the information could go through systems without our control, and BronzeItalia is not responsible for this problem.

3. Exterior links
 The exterior links on the BronzeItalia web site, and the advertising banners, contain links to websites. BronzeItalia is not responsible for The Privacy Policy. The relation between the user and these websites happens without any mediation of BronzeItalia.
Protection of individuals and other subjects with regard to the processing of personal data

ACT no. 675 of 31.12.1996
The recent Italian Data Protection Act (no. 675 of 31.12.1996) regards privacy protection

Our website during the normal activity asks only for the account email, and the user doesn’t insert the real name and the surname, addresses and other personal data.

We ask for the consent to treatment of the personal data for the operations and services. This consent regards to the activities of the third party. The data are used with the necessary modes and procedures.
You can know, in every moment, what your personal data are and their use. You can update, integrate, delete them. In order to obtain this change, you can contact our staff or, if it’s possible, you can log in through a personal password and modify the data.