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T-PLATE 50 your personal trainer

The exclusive vibration platform with a potent half-length face lamp with 6 screens with dicroic parables.

The new way to double the benefits of a wellness session, brace tanning the body is easy!

Tanning T-Plate 50 is available in vibration platform (tested system).

Options: radio CD, Stereo acoustic, audio bonnets

Included : exercises cards and advertisement posters

VAT, Transport and assembly (exclused).

Payment 12 months : zero interests

(except different  authorization from finance company)

pedana vibrante




  La Playa Swinging spring boards, being in good form, having fun!

Our body is subjected to many different types of vibrations, during the day, positive and negative vibrations, the same positive vibrations generated when we dance or negative vibrations when we run or when we use a pneumatic hammer. Our system acts like the ear: it feels good or bad vibrations (sounds) with different effects.

Many American experts have been analyzing the vibrations’ effects on our body for 25 years and the researches underlined the great power of the vibrations in the medical-rehabilitation field, in the fitness and general wellness sector.

The first vibration platforms were used in the Russian spatial stations and they allowed to the astronauts to stay in the orbit for 420 days against the Americans because they stayed there only for 120 days, in fact American astronauts had serious muscular and bone problems.

The vibration platform was produced to substitute or complete the normal physical activity. For people who don’t have the possibility to work out in a right way. The main principle is executing short time exercises but with a very high intensity that produce positive effects on our muscular-bone and jointed structures.

In fact, during every movement, even a simple walk, many vibrations are generated and transmitted in the body. These vibrations are transmitted through the foot, the leg, the spine and the neck with enormous benefits for all bone/muscular apparatus.

Unfortunately, some years ago, the vibration platforms  were used only in the specific medical centres or in high- level fitness centres with high prices, NOW, FINALLY, THE SWINGING SPRING BROAD IS AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE with different benefits :
Physiotherapy, Sport and Fitness, to fight against the osteoporosis, beauty and wellness of our body.

  For these reasons, the vibration platform can be used for different aims.

As we said before, the vibration platform acts in our body in different sectors :

  1. nerve- muscle system;
  2. blood circulation;
  3. cartilage;
  4. bone tissue;
  5. hormonal system;
  6. nerve transmitters



Ten minutes 2 o 3 times in a week: the platform allows recovering muscular tone