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abbronzatura spray

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  Spray tanning directly from USA, thanks to La Playa

A special night? You want to astonish with a wonderful tan, but you have few time. This is your solution, with spray tan you will have a wonderful tan.

With the tan produced by the La Playa tanning spray machineries, the skin will have quickly a wonderful colour, thanks to the components of the products of our tanning spray ranges called “Caribbean tan”:

Caribbean Tan Spray solution” contains DHA and stabilized True Aloe. True Aloe helps the DHA (diidrossiacetan) under the skin making it very smooth and soft. The DHA (diidrossiacetan), sprayed on the skin reacts with the proteins and the amino acids by giving a golden colour to the skin. The DHA, during the next 24 hours reaches the maximum tan that lasts from 1 to 4 days. The best result is obtained when you use the product after the SOLARIUM.

Caribbean Tan Mantainer
Maintainer tanning cream spray

With Caribbean Tan Maintainer the tan will last many days, with a fantastic silky effect on the skin.
Available in the format: 150 ml.


abbronzatura spray