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Relax and wellness for everyone.

Developed whirlpool bath, mini pool, and mini pool for every season, private thermal baths in your apartment: we can define the SPA pools in many ways, because there are many uses and we can obtain many benefits.

The philosophy and the promise of every SPA pools is the possibility to put together the effects obtained by the relaxing power and the energy of the water, making them available in every moment.

In a warm summer nights, immerged in the warm water, while the rotating nozzles massage softly our body. In a winter afternoon, immerged in the warm bath tube in the middle of the snow. A pleasure 365 long, without a continuity solution.


docce sauna idromassaggio

Let yourself go to the pleasant warmth of a AQVA-SPA pool, close your eyes and find out the three main elements that contribute to your wellness:
  • the warmth of the water, for an immediate relaxing effect;
  • the push of the water, that lift the weight of the body up, decreasing the tension in the muscles and articulations_
  • the current of water, realized through an exclusive jets system, with an immediate benefit for the muscular apparatus and blood circulation.


saune per la casa

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  Instruments for SPA, mini pools with whirlpool, saunas and whirlpool showers.

Salus Per Aquam, briefly SPA. In the United States and Canada, where they are born and where the whirlpool bathtubs together concept is developed, the pools SPA (called mini pools) are in the apartments and in the daily habits of many people, improving their quality life.

mini piscine

Finding oneself, meeting friends. In a AQVA-SPA pool everything Is possible. With the little pools Aqva-spa seems to have a SPA centre in your apartment or in your beauty-wellness centre.

It’s really wonderful to think about how you can live and enjoy your pool SPA. And find out that, in the compact size, can always contain all your desire.

A decompression space where you can relax: a moment to find concentration and happiness, keeping away from everything, from the work, and from daily activities.
It’s wonderful to share these feelings with the partner; this could be a harmony and wellness element. This is an important occasion to meet and to stay together, with the family.
In the end, this is a place where you can meet friends. The more charming and relaxing place where you can chat and have a drink. It’s more suggestive than a living room because the pool is in the open air and in the comfortable hug of a water massage.


mini piscine idromassaggio